Themes GGAA 2019

Session 1: Technical advances: from genomics to precision agriculture, that will address aspects related to Measuring and Modelling GHG.
Thematic area for Abstracts:
1.1 Nitrous Oxide
1.2 Methane
1.3 Soil Carbon
1.4 Carbon dynamics/Balance
1.5 Modelling

Session 2: Farm level low carbon initiatives, which will address Mitigation and Adaptation strategies to provide more Resilient production systems.

Thematic area for Abstracts:
2.1 Mitigation
2.2 Adaptation

Session 3: Regional low carbon initiatives, which will consider the Landscape, Regional management and National Commitments.

Thematic area for Abstracts:
3.1 Regional level
3.2 National Level

Session 4: International low carbon initiatives, which will present examples from IPCC, NDCs, FAO, World Bank, etc.

Thematic area for Abstracts:
4.1 International Policies
4.2 Continental Agreements