Abstract submission - Guide for Final Manuscript Submission

General Information
Deadline for submission of your abstracts is May 20, 2019.
A single author is allowed to present up to two contributions. Do not submit more than two contributions per presenting author.
Presentations should be of original research, which has been substantially completed, but which has not yet been published as a full paper in a scientific journal.
Papers must be written and presented in English. Linguistic accuracy is the responsibility of the author.
Authors can indicate their preference for oral or poster presentation. Posters must be electronic and will be presented on a TV or Totem.
The time allowed for the presentation of posters will be 10 minutes, according to the preset programming. Those responsible for the posters should be available and positioned next to their poster, to be able to defend their work. In the absence of the presenter, the approved work may be presented by one of the authors.
Take not that if the presenting author does not register until July 20, 2019, the contribution will be removed from the program.
Important Dates
Nov 26, 2018 to May 20, 2019 - Authors to send their abstract for the poster session or oral session.

Until June 03, 2019 - The Scientific Committee will inform the authors of their opinion on the abstracts. 

The communication will be through the submissions system.


June 04 to June 10, 2019 - Authors to send the revised versions of their abstract (if required).


Until June 17, 2019 - The Scientific Committee will inform the authors of the accepted abstracts.

The communication will be through the submissions system.

Guide for Authors
1. Title
It must contain a maximum of 15 words, with the first letter capitalized and it must be in bold.
It should be clear, concise and represent the content and objective of the work.
It should not contain subheadings, abbreviations, formulas, symbols, and words such as "effect" or "influence".
For information on the nature of the work (if extracted from a thesis or dissertation, if funded research, etc.), add the number "1", in superscript, in parentheses, after the last word of the title (optional).
2. Authors
The names should be spelled with the first letters in capital letters, using the full name, separated by commas, the last two being separated by the conjunction "and".
The last name of each author must be followed by a number in Arabic numerals, in superscript, corresponding to the respective order of the author.
The author's order, presented below the names, must be preceded by their number, in Arabic numerals, in superscript, and must contain their academic education, their academic degree, their function in the company and the location of the institution.
3. Abstract
The term "Abstract" should be written with the first letter in capital letter, in bold, aligned to the left, and separated from the text by an Em dash.
It must have a maximum of 250 words.
It should be concise and made up of short sentences, without paragraphs, bibliographical citations and abbreviations.
It should contain the objective, synthesis of methodology and results and conclusions.
4. Keywords
Terms for indexing/ Index terms
The terms "Terms for indexing" and "Index terms" should be spelled with the first letters in capital letters followed by a colon.
The terms must be separated by commas and started with a lowercase letter.
There must be between three and six (considering that a term can have two or more words), always starting with the scientific name (binary name) of the species studied (if there is one).
They should not contain words that are in the title.


After the end of the Congress, an online certificate for the approved work will be awarded to the author responsible for submitting the work to the site. To print or download the certificate, the congress participant must access the "Certificates" area, which is located on the congress homepage, enter the registered e-mail and fill out the "Satisfaction Survey".
Important: certificates are not sent directly to the congress participant’s e-mail.
If you have any doubts please send an e-mail to (eventos@masterclassturismo.com.br)